Hello Gutenberg!

A week from today I will be giving a talk at the Bend WordPress Meetup entitled Hello, My Name is Gutenberg – and being the huge procrastinator, I am finally getting around to writing an intro post to the talk ( which helps me actually mentally plan my talk ).

Get To Know Gutenberg

So if you are planning on coming to the meetup, that is awesome! I wanted to give all that will be in attendance some homework to do prior to the meetup which might make the experience even more awesome for you. So here are some links!
  • The GitHub repository is a great place for developers looking for more technical insight into the project.
  • Questions? There is a list of FAQs in the repository too – but please come to the meetup with all your questions!
  • Matt just made a great post about some of the Why's behind Gutenberg. I highly recommend giving this post a read.
But the best way to really get to know the project is to install the plugin and kick the tires a bit!

Testing It Out

If you have some time, it would be great to spin up a test site ( if you don’t have a WordPress test site handy already ) using poopy.life. Once you have your test install running, go to Plugins | Add New and search for Gutenberg. Install and activate the plugin and you will be ready to test! When the plugin is installed, you will now have a Gutenberg menu item in your sidebar. Expand that menu section and click New Post. Write yourself a post like this one with images… try pasting in content from other sources, or URLs and see if things auto-embed. Take notes and please come ready to share your experience with the group!

The Talk

Okay back to the Meetup talk – we will likely run through the same steps above during the talk, but will also look at how to create a custom "block" for use in the new editor. I will likely make a new post once the code for that part of the talk is ready ( remember, procrastinator here ) so those that would like to can get a look at the code prior to the meetup. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!