One of Those Domains

I’m sure most web folk like myself have at least a half dozen of them.  We collect them like paper coffee cups from Starbucks strewn across our desks – once cherished ideas born during a bender – those *awesome* domain names we just had to buy!

The Original Idea

When I first set out on my new career path of a code slanger (circa 2006), I did what most programmers did back then… I created my very own CMS using PHP.  It was rad.  It still runs a few sites around the web actually.  To spare myself some jeering and giggles, I will not furnish a full list, but hey, the thing worked well… and still does.

I built this creation on top of CakePHP and the admin interface was created using a pre 1.0 version of ExtJS.  Super hot.  And the name I gave it was Haiku.  So I bought this domain.  For the longest time when you pulled up all you saw was this:

wing my target
I inflated my princes
under my gravel

So I decided to finally dust it off, install WordPress, and create my very own programming oriented blog.


Excellent question, and the answer is simple: Blogs Help.  Outside of stackoverflow, I think I have found so many answers to nagging coding questions in the greater blogosphere… so this is going to be my contribution to that grand resource online… and hopefully it will help some random folks out there.

Also, much like reading old code, I get a kick out of reading some of my old blog material.  I will continue to blog about personal items at my Posterous blog, but this will be the business side of my blogging mullet.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading.